Bakery and Desserts

Scone with Shropshire farm butter £3.00

Scone, Shropshire farm butter and hand-made strawberry jam £3.50

Scone, clotted cream and hand-made strawberry jam £4.00

Gluten-free (†) scone with Shropshire farm butter or dairy-free spread £4.20
(£4.70 with raspberry jam) 

Fruit scone with Shropshire farm butter £3.20

Cheese scone (made with Calon Wen organic cheddar) with farm butter £3.50

Gluten-free (†) cheese scone with Shropshire farm butter £4.50

Cheese scone, farm butter, organic cheddar and hand-made sweet tomato chutney £5.50

Gluten-free (†) cheese scone, farm butter, organic cheddar and sweet tomato chutney £6.50

Toasted tea-cake with Shropshire farm butter £3.20

One round of Stretton white or multigrain brown toast with Shropshire farm butter £1.60 (£2.10 with hand-made strawberry jam or runny honey, £2.50 with 3-fruit marmalade of thick local honey)

Two rounds of gluten-free (†) toast with Shropshire farm butter £2.30 (£3.10 with hand-made strawberry jam or runny honey, £3.60 with 3-fruit marmalade or thick local honey)

Flapjack (made with Pimhill Farm organic oats) £2.70

Chocolate brownie £3.20


Bakewell tart with ice cream or clotted cream £7.00

Sticky Shropshire Lass and Hereford cassis pudding with ice cream or clotted cream £7.00

Mixed fruit and nut meringue (†) with Cheshire ice cream or clotted cream £6.80

Two scoops of Cheshire ice cream (vanilla, chocolate or strawberry) or
blackcurrant sorbet (*) with a home-made biscuit £4.90

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with Pedro Ximenez sherry (25ml) to pour over £7.00

Two scoops of blackcurrant sorbet (*) with Hereford blackcurrant cassis (25ml)
to pour over £7.00

(*) Our sorbet is dairy- and egg-free
(†) NGCI (non gluten-containing ingredients)

All our prices include VAT

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.  We have dairy-free spread and Canderel and can provide salad without any dressing.  Please ask for gluten-free bread (30p extra) or salads; we can tell you which of Today’s Specials are NGCI or dairy-free:  our soups are normally, but not always, both.

Opening Hours

We are open from 09.00 to 17.00 daily for eat-in and takeaways.

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We have four rooms including a lounge, conservatory and a courtyard.

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